Colorado Crush 2016: Not just another festival.. this is street art Heaven!

The Colorado Crush is an arts and culture festival in Denver that aims to enrich and beautify the city by working with a diverse constituency of artists bringing art out of the galleries and into the streets.  Founded in 2010 by Jonathan Lamb and Robin Munro, the week-long Crush festival (Creative Rituals Under Social Harmony) has become world-renown and is Denver’s largest independent graffiti and street art project.

This year’s event included over 75 artists who created nearly 100 murals across ten city blocks throughout RiNo and Denver.  Crush 2016 could be described as heaven on earth for street art fans from across the globe.  The Crush 2016 website provides an interactive map of all murals so visitors can find and view them at their own pace.  If you can’t travel to the Denver area there is also a virtual mural tour available.  We can’t wait until this year’s edition!

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