Filling the void: STREET artist fills potholes with art

Jim Bachor: a tribute to René Magritte?

Car aficionados and regular citizens can agree on one thing: potholes are annoying, dangerous, and a sign of governments negligence or lack of budget to care for local roads.

Photo: CBS News

Chicago street artist (pun intended) Jim Bachor is taking matters into his own hands and risks his safety on the road carefully crafting beautiful mosaics in potholes left unfilled by the city.  We think this is an amazing way to serve the community in several ways.  Jim is not just saving car suspensions and preventing accidents by filling potholes, he is also beautifying the city by turning eyesores into art!

Thank you for all that you do, stay safe out there!

Enjoy some of Jim’s work via his Instagram page:





H/T: CBS News

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