Flying Drones Create Street Art

Machines have been automating a lot of jobs these past few years. Is graffiti artist now on that list?

Italian design firm, Carlo Ratti Associati, has created the “Paint By Drone” project as the latest inclusion to the street art scene. This rendition aims to use drones as a “a portable technological solution that employs drone formations to draw on urban facades.” It’s a perfect combination of artistic expression and visual data.

Multiple drones are deployed with sensors and spray paint tanks, and can draw digitally via an app. Professor Carlo Ratti, founder of the Carlo Ratti Associati studio, has coined the term ‘phygital graffiti’ where:

Any façade can become a space where to showcase, new forms of open-source, collaborative art or to visualize the heartbeat of a metropolis through real time data.

Although not the first to invent drone-assisted graffiti if you remember KATSU’s drone drawing over Kendall Jenner in 2015.

Ratti aims to deploy drones in a different urban context, and bring color to everyday life. He states:

“Imagine how this could make the realization of works of public art both easier and safer, in the urban context as well as at the infrastructure level. Could this bring along colorful highways, galleries, bridges, and viaducts?”

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